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How It Works

  1. All Recycling is done at your location. Nothing is ever transported.
  2. Department of transportation approved plastic 55/65 gallon drums are provided for the storage of used antifreeze. (no deposit is required for the drums)
  3. When the drum(s) are 3/4 full just call us at 1-800-858-9249
  4. A recycling truck is dispatched within 3 working days.
  5. When the techniction arrives, he will preform several tests to determin the cost per gallon. With the costs discussed, the service starts.
  6. The used antifreeze is pumped into the truck and processed. The start to finish time usally take about 45 mins.
  7. The good recycled antifreeze is then pumped into another DOT approved plastic See through 55/65 gallon drum.
  8. Every Gallon of Trans Renew Recycled Antifreeze meets ATSM standards. The 50/50 blend has a freezing point protection level of -34 degrees below zero, and a boiling point protection level of 292 degrees Fahrenheit.
  9. Our Recycled Antifreeze provides the ultimate corrosion protection, using Molybdzte, we can protect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals found within a cooling system.
  10. We support our product with a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warrentey



  • Trans Renew Antifreeze Recycling is fully licensed, insured, and use an exclusive process.
  • Our Recycled Antifreeze meets both ASTM D-3306 (gasoline) and D-4985 (diesel) standards. We also meet General Motors test requirements and exceed all performance and corrosion specifications.
  • We use a complex chemical, aeration, precipitation, and filtration process. This system renders all by-products non-hazardous, eliminating one's environmental exposure and "cradle to the grave" responsibilities.
  • Even our used filters pass the EPA TCLP (Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure) test requirements and are handled in a non-hazardous manner.
  • Our finished product is fully inhibited and provides the highest level of corrosion protection.
  • Our Recycled Antifreeze is a 50/50 blend, which has a freeze point protection of -34 degrees below zero and a boil point protection of 292 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • The EPA considers any antifreeze that contains over 5ppm Lead to be hazardous. Even our Recycled Antifreeze is considered non-hazardous because only our process reduces the levels of Lead to below 5ppm.
  • To ensure a high quality product, all dissolved metals must be removed. We specifically precipitate (turn solid) all metals. In keeping with our non-hazardous techniques, we oxidize the metals using an aeration process. This process keeps the metals from leaching back into the solution. Precipitating the metals is the only to filter them out. And our system is the only environmentally safe method in use.
  • Only Trans Renew Antifreeze Recycling produces Antifreeze using Molybdate. This inhibitor is the only chemical that protects aluminum and all other metals within a cooling system. Therefore, our Recycled Antifreeze is universal in application.
  • Chemically, we remove all old Silicate and Phosphate found in used antifreeze.
  • Using a chemical precipitant, we also remove all Calcium from the water. Calcium is the #1 sludge forming property found in a cooling system and it has a direct effect on the heat dissipation.

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